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Shift Snacks Classic

Shift Snacks Classic

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Tired of buying the same flavor in bulk? Or paying $5 for a single energy bar? The Basic Box will get you a nice variety of sports fuel at a sweet spot price.
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Shift longer with more snacks and more variety


The perfect variety to help you shift into gear.


Each box comes with snacks to eat, chew, drink, and slurp. What you see in the photo is an example of the types of snacks and brands you might get. The actual box will be filled with either exactly this set, or something very similar. We like to change up the brands to help you discover snacks you might not have tried before! That's the whole point! But don't worry, we'll include the most popular brands too.

"No more of the same flavor energy bars from Costco. Loving this variety!"

- JOHN (Seattle)

Shift Box Classic

Pair things back with our classic box. But we know you'll want to upgrade soon!

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